Media planners have always ‘integrated print’ (as the title of this session reads) into the planning process – or at least that is what they are paid to do. The question is how do they do it. Do they give print proper consideration? Does print get its ‘fair share’ of advertising budgets (whatever that is)?
Given recent developments in fusion techniques and their application to the process of optimising media schedules across different surveys, this paper addresses how a new generation of multi-media optimisers are likely to affect the US media planning and buying environment over the next few years. Already, Nielsen and MARS (a media survey for the pharmaceutical industry) are looking at fusing their data, Telmar have introduced ‘multi-basing’ and OMD is pioneering Gilles Santini’s ‘fusion-on-the-fly’ methods in the market. We begin by examining how the last ‘breakthrough’ technology of television optimisers arrived in the United States with a bang and left with a whimper, trying to ascertain why this might have been the case.

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