Within agencies today there is a greater focus than ever on how campaigns are targeted across a multi-media platform. Fewer and fewer campaigns involve the sole use of TV, which offers opportunities to other media, not least print. At the same time however, more and more media options are developing as competitors for the marketing budget. There are several factors involved in the contemporary approach to planning, and how they work together is particularly important. For the best understanding we need to look closely at the key strengths of each major media channel. Historically TV has played a central role in consumers’ lives. With the advent of PVR (Personal Video Recording), such as Sky+ in the UK, the way in which people watch television is changing. They are able to watch what they want, when they want, without any of the hassle. This technological advance allows people to organise their TV viewing time around their personal schedule. Thus TV will become less of a fixed point around which other behaviours revolve. Of course it will still have a major role to play in many multi-media campaigns due to the benefits it offers, of which two of the most noticeable are mass reach and instant impact.

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