This paper touches upon an aspect of advertising effectiveness arising from the combination of two media: newspaper advertising and Internet websites. When the Internet is viewed as a mass medium, engaging in advertising communication using both newspapers and the Internet offers advantages similar to the joint use of other media. The first advantage is target reach synergy. It is possible to attain coverage with newspapers of targets that cannot be reached only with the Internet, thus efficiently increasing overall reach of advertising communication. And furthermore, reading newspaper advertising leads readers contacting websites. The second advantage is the effect of improved communication quality arising from duplication through newspapers and the Internet of contact with information on a single theme (hereinafter referred to as the “duplication of contact�). This is the main theme of this paper. We have investigated the synergy arising from duplication of contact with newspapers and the Internet. The analysis is based on ten advertising communication case studies in Japan conducted at the same time with the same method. The findings of the analysis indicate the possibility that duplication of contact promotes deeper information processing of product information.

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