This contribution will provide you with a suggestion for the “typification” of different measurement methods which are commonly used or may possibly be used to conduct reach analysis and user structure analyses of Web site offers. These measurement methods will be discussed (in brief). The basic approach developed by the author at Infratest in cooperation with the “Working Group Online Research”, a group made up of members from various media associations, will be presented here in more detail.

The fundamental questions for a measurement of the media audience have always been: How many users? and, What kind of users? The fact is that these “unassuming” questions are not actually so simple and that they cannot always be answered immediately, even by such “classical” and relevant advertising media as the major TV and radio stations, the major magazines or the daily newspapers. This insight does not have to be verified here any further. As media researchers, however, we can and must insist that these questions be answered for the no longer so completely new online media, as far as it comes into question as an advertising media. Of course, the answer to these questions must occur in a form which is similar and understandable for comparable media, and which is at least in a clearly documented form.

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