Evaluation of cross-media advertising campaigns requires that the impact of each medium or media combination on awareness and persuasion be estimated in a manner that is fair to each of the media. While exposure to online advertising may be measured directly through observational methods via online surveys (for example, using Internet cookie data to track advertising exposure), opportunity-to-see (OTS), “the industry’s agreed upon measurement of audience� (Ephron, 2004) for print or other offline advertising, is often estimated based on self-reported data through the use of diaries, face-to-face interviews, online/mail surveys, etc. For the case of magazines, researchers who are evaluating the impact of integrated advertising campaigns currently use a variety of techniques, such as recent reading, frequency of reading, or specific issue readership, to estimate OTS. The present research paper evaluates these measurements not as a method for determining average issue readership (AIR) of a print vehicle, but rather explores how these methods translate to the true contribution of magazines in a mixed media schedule.

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