Half a century of research across several fields of inquiry substantiates the existence and impact of consumers’ relationships to media on content in the media, like advertising messages. Questions persist about the relationship in agency client discussions of media investments and budget allocation. Excellent, accounting-quality counts of total audience exist and struggle on with the ‘Five Stones’ of research, so named by Jon Swallen as Technology, Technical Issues, Differing Methods, Response Rates, Circulation vs Readership[1]. They are necessary as the currency for media commerce to account for financial transactions of media space and time. We hope for a solid measurement of audience Opportunity-To-See — the body count. The ideal print research has been described as a tool used when media investments could be “bought on the basis of (audience) reach and frequency achieved for valued OTS, under valued circumstances, against valued individuals per creative treatment per four week period.â€?[Alan Smith [2]].

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