Young people are almost 50% of the population in many countries. As part of our General Media Study, we have been following
the path of this population for some years. Our goal is to answer the following research questions:
– What are the readership trends among very young readers?
– What drives these trends?
– What is the incidence and influence of fads on newspaper and magazine readership.
– Is it possible to influence a trend?
We have carried out a continuous five year survey analysis among children of both sexes in the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara
and Monterrey. Interviews were face-to-face, in the presence of a parent or tutor. Each year, 2000 children participated from
each city, or 6000 interviews per year, for a total of 60,000 interviews. In addition to the questions stated, we considered
information on sex, age and personality as key variables and the existence of a profile for assiduous readers of newspapers and


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