The average American household receives over 100 television channels while any combination of the over 8,000 different consumer magazines and almost 1,500 daily newspapers fill their coffee tables. To further complicate matters, many of these vehicles are aimed at the same, lucrative adult 18-49 demographic. Today’s rising media costs and increasingly fragmented and cluttered landscape requires measures beyond age, sex and income to target effectively. Communigraphics™ is a new survey from OMD which details how personality impacts media behavior and brand selection. Since 1975 over 30 million people have taken the Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI®; more than 10 million have taken the test in the past 5 years. These numbers make it easily the most widely used instrument for assessing personality that we are aware of. While historically it has been used primarily as a means to predict occupational success and organizational effectiveness, OMD identified it as a possible way of explaining media behavior and brand choice.

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