Stimulated by the Programme Chairman words in “Making more of what we have� we’ve decided to propose this paper about trends in readership with an unusual approach. The idea is to discuss readership behavior under the lights of literacy capabilities. At least in Latin America, reviewing the concept of “reader� would be useful to provide a better analysis and understanding of readership behavior and its trends. To support this discussion we introduced the Brazilian results of a National Functional Literacy study as a reliable resource both to researchers and publishers on the analysis of readers’ profile, their interpretation abilities and, thereby, the reading demands of those individuals. Those results were compared with TGI readership figures in order to offer a comprehensive vision of its practical applications through the relation between those results, the Brazilian readership figures and magazine’s profiles (editorial content, design) leading to interesting conclusions about performances and trends.
Those conclusions are relevant contributions to the industry, so being a new insight for publishers on understanding readers’ needs and capabilities and therefore improve significantly publishing decisions.

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