One of the clearest trends emerging in today’s fashion driven media world is the Marketing Directors’ need to further justify their budgets. They are also facing a rapidly changing media landscape. The fragmentation and growing number of media means that the time devoted to any single medium will constantly shrink. This means that the single contribution from a single media will decrease. There has of course always been the possibility of evaluating mixed media campaigns in aggregate by tracking advertising effectiveness. Post evaluation may bring us further understanding but is quite difficult to integrate such data in the media planning process. We have also before been able to make strategic resource allocations between different Media groups. However, on a tactical level we have most often had to rely on single media evaluation and optimization. It is evident that there is a need of further understanding in the mixed media field. It is a fact that today’s media mix decisions are most often not backed up by Research findings. Advertisers are pressing the need to understand and evaluate mixed media planning and thus evaluate the ROI of their integrated communication.

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