The share of Print advertising in India has been eroding rapidly in the recent past – from over 65% of advertising spends in the early nineties, to just around 57% in the last 2 years. This decline is mainly due to the lower share of FMCG advertising spends on Press. In recent years, for most FMCG products/ brands, advertisers treat TV as their primary medium and use Print only at the launch phase or to announce consumer promotions or to provide information about prices / dealer listings. Most media planners prefer spending their advertising budgets on TV, as the introduction of Regional Language channels has led a major increase in TV audiences (especially amongst the rural masses) , thus, making TV an extremely Cost Efficient medium in India . This problem is accentuated with the absence of a pan India Print brands catering to the needs of the vast Indian subcontinent. Thus, obtaining the same level of Reach through Print is extremely difficult and expensive.

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